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Elbon The Table, Seoul, Korea


If you want to eat at one of Seoul’s most popular restaurants, all you need to do is look for the giant balloon bear scaling the building…



A trendy shopping location in the heart of this sprawling city, Elbon is a pop-culture inspired “mini-mall” that sells all sorts of high-priced,…

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Shay Aaron's Amazing Miniature Food Sculptures

Shay Aaron creates delicious looking, incredibly small,  and extremely photo realistic sculptures of all your favorite food items from a delicious stack of cupcakes to the most tasty BBQ favorites. The only shortcoming of the work is that I’d have to eat at least 100,000 pieces by her to justify it even as an afternoon snack.

Somebody please explain to me why I and apparently a lot of other people have always been obsessed by miniature things?

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